Welcome to my website!

Now THAT is a scary thing to write. I’ve been traveling full time in my van turned self converted home for over a year now. The concept has been under way and in my brain for over two years. And yet, here I am, in complete, udder, speechless disbelief that this is my life. A feeling I’ve had almost everyday since I made the decision in late 2016 to pursue this life.

Above feature @gershee‘s van: Carma

With so much whirling around me I figure this is an opportunity to start sharing. Each day I wake up with an eager feeling to greet the world outside my door. Not unlike Christmas morning, I can’t wait to jump out of bed and discover the gifts left for me. New stops, roadside attractions, deep intimate connections with “strangers”, happenstance experiences that lead to life changing paths, foods that overwhelm my senses, fears that paralyze me in my tracks, even the “rainy days” like coping with crippling social anxiety and depression, and all the basics in between… showers, dating, weather, pooping, internet connection, new friendships, navigating a nomadic lifestyle, training and living with a cat in the van, preparing meals, maintaining a road budget, insuring personal safety, sleep in ever-changing environments, arranging meet ups and harvesting connections with other nomads, to finding work and money on the road.

Theres a million caveats to living and traveling in your vehicle full time. My goal with this site is to share some of that with you. I can’t guarantee award winning grammar, hard hitting journalism or even consistent posting. But I can promise to be honest and real with you, to listen to your feedback and always deliver the raw experiences I am having on the road of life.

This website isn’t for me, its for you, so thank you for being here! Please comment and leave your feedback, it is the fuel that drives this site. So long as this is a site that connects to someone like you, I will continue to put my heart and soul in it.